Tragically Bad Art
23 September 2012 @ 08:27 pm
More of a favor than a request, but the result's the same!

I found it oddly difficult to find BWE screencaps of quality, so I'm afraid these icons are less than fabulous. The main goal was to find a variety of facial expressions--no small feat when dealing with Michael Pitt ("blank" and "confused" are his favorites). Hopefully, though, these will work for roleplaying purposes!

Oh--the handful of BWE icons I posted previously are in here, too. Seemed like the logical thing to do.


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Tragically Bad Art
12 September 2012 @ 02:39 am
Do you ever encounter an actor who you kind of like in spite of the fact that you can't think of anything you personally like about them? Yeah. That's Michael Pitt for me, but after playing a character with his face for five years, I've grown attached.

This is basically a catch-all for the better MP icons I've made over the years. You'll see quite a few "Murder by Numbers" icons (it's such a dreadful film, but Gosling's and Pitt's characters are kind of brilliant), a couple from "Boardwalk Empire," a fair amount from MP's modeling career, and assorted others (including icons that aren't straight-up blanks!). He's not a bad PB, truth be told--just obscure enough to avoid face doubles and instant recognition, a bit odd-looking.

Downside: not a lot of facial expressions. Upside: a decade's worth of movies, looks, and styles to choose from. Oh, and lovely eyes.


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